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Some Suggestions

November 13, 2011

I’ve had some suggestions from a friend and I’d like to also put these up on here.


1. Hire out of work veterans who aren’t necessarily able to do many jobs, they wouldn’t be able to work in the field but it would be good to be able to hire people with experience in the field and helping them is also great for the PMC, this could also attract more donations from people who support those who fought for their country. The wounded veterans would also very likely put hard work into their jobs and have a certain loyalty as a result of being able to work for HFT.

2. Government contracts. Government contracts would be another good way to raise money for the PMC for other more major missions. Apparently the way they work is a sort of bidding system, the company says how much they’ll do the contract for. Obviously, HFT would avoid any political or unsavoury contracts (though I don’t  know if governments would hand out such contracts).


Another point I would just like to make is that many of the employees for HFT would not be there for the job and the pay but for what they would be able to do for the world and as such also have a certain loyalty to the organisation.

Keep ideas coming in the comments, hopefully this can one day become a reality!


The Idea

November 12, 2011

I’ve had an idea, which I am calling ‘Heroes for Tomorrow’ (HFT). It’s not particularly complex. Essentially, the idea is a humanitarian PMC (Private military company). I believe this is an idea which could change the world, and change it for better.

Why? Why is this needed? Why is it a good idea?

People need help. All around the world people need help. Help to survive, help to live, help to change their lives and the lives of others.

Everyday people are suffering unfairly. One example which has been in the news lately was the plight of the Libyan people. Yes, many people wanted to help the rebels, but how could they? They couldn’t. In fact, many governments were unable to provide the support they wanted to as a result of legislation and ‘rules’.

With a PMC those restrictions which are placed upon many governments by international law, would have no effect. A PMC could go straight in, help train the rebels, help the rebels fight against this tyrant. However, PMCs almost always would want payment; they would need money for the mission expenses and money to pay their soldiers.

Imagine if there was a PMC which would fight for those who could not fight without requesting money afterwards. A PMC which helped people.

What would be needed?

Obviously, as said before PMCs require much money to run. The money is needed for many things – transportation, supplies (weapons, vehicles, rations), and much more. So clearly if it was to be run as a charitable foundation as such it would require donations and sponsors.

It would also require employees; employees such as administrative staff, pilots, medics, soldiers and perhaps even intelligence operatives for analysing situations across the world. At first there would perhaps be volunteers but then what would they live on? You would again need funds to pay for all of these people who work for a PMC.

Donations may not be the only way to earn money – it is possible to do paid jobs which aren’t quite as extensive, for instance a short term security detail or providing bodyguards for a few days. That kind of minor operation could help raise money for the major operations.

And finally, an essential requirement would be contacts. Contacts for buying equipment, contacts for recruiting staff, contacts for getting into the sort of countries where the crises would be happening.

Further expansions for the HFT idea

This sort of military organisation could help in normal humanitarian issues as well, for instance in disaster relief. When Cyclone Nargis hit South Asia aid was not able to be taken to many people in Burma (Myanmar) as the Burmese government were far too suspicious of all those arriving in the country. A PMC could take aid straight in and fend off any resistance and help those who otherwise may well not have been reached.

Another consideration is once enough funds are raised, HFT wouldn’t necessarily have to even hire ex-soldiers and could even train their own for the jobs. They would not have to be employing those who are already a significant way through their career.

The reason I am posting about this idea of mine is to see what people think about the idea, what they would be willing to do, whether organisations and companies would be willing to sponsor or support such a foundation and to see how others would even further expand on this is themselves.

Please if you read this respond, even if just to say whether or not you approve of the idea. I believe that this needs to be done.

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